Hindi Film     Drama,     31 Mar 2017

Poorna is a movie about a daring tribal girl who climbed Mount Everest. (Aditi Imandar) Poorna is 13 years old and belongs to a tribal Telugu speaking family in Pakala village in Andhra Pradesh. Her father Devidas and mother Lakshmi work on the farm as labourers.

 Poorna is a very happy go lucky girl who gets along very well with her sister Priya (S. Mariya). She is asked to sweep the school floor and even do the dishes. She laughed about the starvation situation in their life and is always very cheerful. Her sister encourages her to join school where she learns rock climbing.
 Poorna meets IAS officer Dr R S Praveen Kumar  (Rahul Bose) who encourages her to join the Mount Everest camp. Priya her sister is forced into marriage and agrees to do so to allow Poorna to follow her dreams.
 On 25th May 2014, she climbs Mount Everest with the help of her coach and guide and becomes the youngest girl in the world to have reached Mt. Everest   the age of 13. This was possible for her only because of her mentor Rahul Bose and her coach for their motivation and support. 

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Indian Film History average overall rating of Poorna – 3.16/5

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Times Of India 4 5 Neil Soans Click Here
Indian Express 3.5 5 Shubhra Gupta Click Here
Hindustan Times 3 5 Dhrubo Jyoti Click Here
Rediff 2 5 Sreehari Nair Click Here
Filmibeat 3 5 Madhuri Click Here
Mid Day 4 5 Mayank Shekhar Click Here
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