Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Hindi Film     Romantic, Comedy,     10 Mar 2017

Badrinath ki Dulhania film is about Badri Bansal (Varun Dhawan) the younger son of a rich family in Jhansi. A flashback- the oldest brother Alok (Yash Sinha) was in love and was going to leave his family because his father disapproval for the girl but did not do so as his father had a heart attack. Now Alok married to Urmila (Swetha Basu Prasad) who although educated was not allowed to work. Alok was desperate for leaving his first love and forced into marriage so he spent his time in drinking after his work. Badri got fears that same fate would happen with so when he met Vaidehi Trivedi (Alia Bhatt) at a wedding he gets attracted to her and makes his decision on marrying her with his father's approval. Vaidehi is well educated and was training to become a flight attendant. Badri helps Vaidehi’s older sister Kritika get married with removing the dowry crisis. Impressed by this gesture of Badri Vaidehi agree to marry him but on the marriage day she does not show up. Badri get upset and disturbed and his father furious, orders to find her and punish her. Badri learns that she has left for Singapore for the training as a flight attendant. Badri reaches Singapore and kidnaps her .On the way he pulls her out of the car and has an argument about leaving him on their marriage day. She apologies saying it was not because of him she left but she wanted to be independent and make her career as flight attendant. While arguing he grabs her throat when police passing by pulls him up to the police station. Vaidehi helps him to free from police. Badri is been pressurized by his father to get Vaidehi back to India. Terrified Badri starts entering her work place for which she stops him to do so. She agrees to marry him if only his father allows her to stay and work in Singapore. Badri is so confused that he gets to drinking and misbehaves on streets for he is again arrested by the police and Vaidehi has to pay $1500 for his bail. Badri moves into Vaidehi apartment where she takes care of him by cooking for him before leaving for work. They spend time together touring and been with friends .Badri begins to approve Vaidehi independent life and is impressed by her work and intelligence. Finally Badri has to leave for India. Vaidehi misses him and is depressed. In Jhansi Badri's sister in law is pregnant and his father wants to hold a Pooja to ensure a boy is born. Before the Pooja Badri he indulges in drinks to show his father for being disrespectful to women. When suddenly he sees Vaidehi who tells him that she loves him and would like to marry him. This they together disclose to the family that Vaidehi work as long as she wishes whether they like it or not. Badri and Vaidehi maintain a long distance relationship while she finishes her training in Singapore and starts a training academy in India. Badri sister in law give birth to twins and also starts to work in the family business with Alok as the father treats everyone equally.


Badrinath Ki Dulhania | Movie Review | Top Critics | Average Ratings

Indian Film History average overall rating of Badrinath Ki Dulhania – 2.76/5

Website Name Rating Out Of Critic Name Review Link
Times Of India 3.5 5 Nihit Bhave Click Here
Indian Express 3 5 Shubhra Gupta Click Here
Gulf News  3 5 Manjusha Click Here
Hindustan Times 2.5 5 Rohit Vats Click Here
Bollywood Hungama 3.5 5 BH Network Click Here
Koimoi 3 5 Surabhi Redkar Click Here
Bollywood Life 3.5 5 Rashma Shetty Bali Click Here
Masala 3 5 Manju Click Here 3.5 5 Manoj Vashishtha Click Here
Mumbai Mirror 3 5 Kunal Guha Click Here
Spotboye 2.5 5 Khalid Mohamed Click Here
DNA 3 5 Tushar Joshi Click Here
Bollywood Bhaskar 3 5 Bollywood Bhaskar Click Here
Deccan Chronicle 3 5 Rohit Bhatnagar Click Here
Filmi Beat 3.5 5 Madhuri Click Here
India Today 2.5 5 Samrudhi Ghosh Click Here
Filmfare 3.5 5 Rachit Gupta Click Here
Yahoo 3.5 5 Rummana Click Here
Rediff 3 5 Raja Sen Click Here