National Film Awards

The National Film Awards ceremony presented by the International Film Festival to honour the best films in the Indian Cinema is one of the most prominent film award ceremonies in India established in the year 1954 and in 1973 the Indian Government’s Directorate of Film Festival came into the selection panel as well.

Every year the panel is appointed by the Government who selects the entries for this award ceremony held in the capital, where the President of India presents the Awards, followed by the Inaugural of the National Film Festival wherein the Award winning films produced in the previous year across the country are screened.

The Award is held with the distinction of the merit awarded to the Best of the Indian Cinema and for best films from each region and the language are shortlisted. Due to the scale on which this Award is selected, it is considered as India’s equivalent to the American Academy Awards. This prestigious award is granted with the Directorate of Film Festival inviting nominations for the awards which have two categories, Feature and Non-Feature Films which are certified by Central Board of Film Certification for the eligibility of the film award categories.

The awards are based on books, critical studies, reviews and articles on the cinema published in the Indian newspapers, magazines and journals that are also eligible for the best writing in cinema section. However entries with revised or copied versions or edited or reprints are ineligible for the award. For the Feature and Non-Feature film Categories, films shot in 16 mm, 35mm in any Indian language, having a wider film gauge or a digital format has to be released on video or digital formats for home viewing which would be eligible. Films have to be certified as a Feature film or a Documentary or a Newsreel or a Non-Fiction which is segregated by the Central Board of Film Certification.