IIFA Awards

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The Millennium Dome in London in United Kingdom for the very first time presented the International Indian Film Academy Awards also known as IIFA Awards and since then this grand event is being held in various locations around the world which signifies the success of Bollywood in the International circle as well and not just in India.

The Award ceremony that started as one night event is now spread out to a three day grand celebration hosting various events and activities related to the Indian film Industry and widely attended by who’s who of the B-town.

Established in the year 2000, this Award is presented annually to honor both artistic and technical professionals in Bollywood , specifically the Hindi language films. The most recent one was held in Madrid in Spain.

The legendary actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who has won numerous accolades in his entire career in Bollywood including that of winning Four National Film Awards as the Best Actor and many other awards at the International film festivals and Award ceremonies,  is officially designated to be the Brand Ambassador of the IIFA since its inception.

Since its commencement, the IIFA has introduced special awards like the Star of the Decade ( Male and Female), Movie of the Decade, Music of the Decade and the Director of the Decade besides the 26 competitive categories listed out.