Awards is an honor conferred upon people to recognize an outstanding achievement by various artists for their work on popular interest.

Indian Film History here introduces the winners of various category who have worked beyond par excellence in their field of work and have been awarded with various awards at the Award ceremonies held during the year.

On Indian Film History , our viewer will not only get the latest news on Awards but also achievements and prizes given to celebrities who do extra ordinary . That’s why we make each event special by making a specific mention of it , created by the team IFF (Indian Film History) to give you interesting information and enjoy the experience.

We go beyond our time to get you the latest achievements related to any Indian Celebrity which shall be covered in this section that is not just going to be appealing but also contagious for the enthusiastic viewers and audience and fans of the Indian Cinema as we know Awards hold a special place associated to their favourite stars and actors, the pomp and the showbiz which makes it one of the most sought after events..